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"Elevating Fine Dining Experience"

"All success stories start with a vision,

& successful visions are based on strong pillars"

- HRH Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud

Our Story 

We are passionate about providing extraordinary skills that are selected through detailed process to achieve the highest quality in
crafting our services

About us

Palm Springs Global is a Saudi company specialized in providing highly qualified & skilled manpower services to fine dining restaurants in Saudi Arabia

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Providing unique manpower solutions to enhance the quality of service in fine dining restaurants in
Saudi Arabia


We aspire to become the leading provider of fine dining outsourcing services in Saudi Arabia




Our team of culinary professionals have both skills and expertise that enables them to be creative in their field and help them offer exquisite flavours and unique experience for guests to enjoy

Our Services



Service Staff

Our service staff consist of administrative and operational staff that are trained to supervise all processes to create wonderful client experience



Service Staff

We provide the perfect team to manage internal and external operational tasks to assure continuous development to your restaurant

Our Expertise

Through years of working globally, we have developed strong relations with international offices around  Africa, Europe, Asia, South America, and Russia to hire the best talents from all around the world and make sure your restaurant continue to thrive to success.

At Palm Springs Global, we realize that having various skills are very important to the success of any business which is why we choose your team carefully and ensure that their abilities and skills are fit to your restaurant to deal with daily challenges. We hire employees from different nationalities to enrich fine dining experience with diverse cultures and add value to each team.


+1000 Employee

+23 Nationality

+20 Position

Key Features

Full Manpower Solutions


Years of Experience


Team of Specialists


Time Efficiency


Large Database


Our Strategy

to find you the best hire

  • Assessment of the restaurant type and requirements as well as developing tailored employment plan when needed

  • Search for role candidates and conduct interviews to evaluate their knowledge and skills and assess if they match the role perfectly

  • Select the best candidates and schedule a meeting for them with restaurant management

  • Sign contract and complete followed procedures of hiring process after approval

  • Overall supervision and evaluation of the employee with the management after hiring

Our Clients

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Our Board Members

"Our passion to be the leading provider of manpower services and operation management encourage us to continuously work attract exceptional abilities to facilitate internal and external hiring procedures to fine dining restaurants.
We are dedicated to elevate the quality of services and increase efficiency to establish new level that fit local and international standards"

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Eng. Hassan Nakshbandi

Board Chairman

M. MJ PHOTO.jpeg

Mohammed Jastanieah


Ready to find the
perfect hire?

+966 55 363 4221

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Prince Mamdouh Bin Abdulaziz St.

Sulimaniyah - Riyadh


Working Hours:

Sun - Thu

9am - 5pm

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